This is


In you I’ve found perfection,
And I’m motionless
From how true you are.
This is a testament from
the tears that well up in my eyes
For my emotions fetch them in abundance.
These are tears of joy
For they do not fall but create a mirage
In which I see you clearly.
You’ve forged a throne in my essence
And my heartbeats are one
With the syllables in your name.
Therefore, every pronunciation of your name
Is a proclamation of the passion
With which my heart beats.
This is a testament of
how much I want to love you
Because you hold purse strings of my mind, body & soul.
In you I’ve found a paragon
And my soul dances daily
With a gaiety the waves in the ocean play.
This is the fruition of a foreseeable eternity,
And lifetimes of laughter and joy,
Because life now clicks seamlessly.
– Smyekh David-West.



It’s around that time again
Just before sunrise,
When solitude sets in.
You have a way of crossing my mind
And pausing momentarily,
Long enough for your memories to linger.
At this time I’ve written my best odes,
Because you’re at center stage
And there’s a climax of emotions.
You’re in the way I hold my pen
And the way sheets of paper attune to my handwriting,
You embody every fraction of spilled ink.
I’m jealous of your thoughts,
And I wonder if somehow I’m featured in them
I’m jealous because they seem closer to you.
I’m looking for ways to stop thinking of you
Just before sunrise,
When solitude sets in.
– Smyekh David-West.

You are


Engulf me with your definition of love
For mine is riddled with flaws
Because my heart has never in it’s lifetime beat so vigorously
You’re a fresh season.
I’m often at a loss for words
So forgive my reticence in your presence,
Because my soul and heart are deep in conversation about you
You’re a blooming flower.
My pupils dilate to the existence of your beauty
And it’s color is synonymous to your skin
Because love is sometimes blind for the right reasons,
You’re a perfect shade of earth.
Your enunciation has a resounding effect in my essence
It’s either in your intonation or the voice in your laughter, or
Because I have an eternal infatuation with your mind
You’re a metaphor that is my sanity.
There’s a number of ways I wish to love you
And in any which way, I end up worshiping you
Because my definition of love demands all of me
You’re a confession of love.
– Smyekh David-West.

Remind me


Remind me of your insides
And remind me of our first time
Caress me with your fingertips
And allow my hands wander
Look into my eyes and capture my soul
Take me a prisoner of love.
Remind me of the languages
I murmur between the deep of your thighs
Arouse the lust in the seams of my lap
That I might return the favor
Let me into your heart
And hold me there forever.
Remind me of the love bites and scratches
That preach a thousand orgasms.
My lips are still addicted to
The pleasures your skin boasts
So kiss me with a passion
And revive the fantasies you’ve planted in my thoughts.
– Smyekh David-West.