Butterfly Season


Your body reminds me of butterflies in winter
And my face is wet from the drizzles that
Emanate from your wings,
Courtesy of the kisses scattered in your inner thighs
In your soft moans are pleads for more
And I’m slowly crushed by your insides.
Nonetheless, your body is like pages of a book,
And every turn draws me closer
So much so, my libido corals to sing
Songs of worship
Because your curves are
Like the indentation in hymn books.
This is a testament of lust
In it’s purest form
Unadulterated from the tension
That is our scattered heartbeats.
Thus, I’m blessed to swim
In the deepest parts of your churning sea
And the sweat from our bodies
Makes for a perfect mirage.
– Smyekh David-West.



Your distance has me in a maze,
I’m forever wondering in circles
And conquered by lust.
I wish, I wish
I could push the buttons between your legs
And make a home for myself in your bosom
Or, if I could tear down your clothes
Like the walls of Jericho
I promise to worship every inch of your being
Your distance has me dazed,
I lust from afar,
But I’ll love you when I’m near.
– Smyekh David-West.



Something dances in my nucleus
And leaves behind footprints
That are onerous to launder
It permeates through my body
And haunts me like forgotten priorities.
The disorientation of my mind
Makes, would be, subordinate body parts fluster
Because I’ve never met anyone like you
And there’s a plethora of emotions
Begging for ample expression;
This feels like my first taste of mama’s cooking
How my teething gums nibbled in elation
And how that taste still lingers in my taste buds
Something in your essence is honeyed
And my nucleus keeps coming back for more.
– Smyekh David-West.

A Heart’s Tale


I can’t keep my hands off you
I’ve lost my eyes to the sight of you
My mind, it doesn’t work the same
In my thoughts and dreams you’re a protagonist
So much so, my soul dances
To the melody of your existence.
Hence I toast to life
With two cups that are my
Left and right arteries
That the unison of their beats
Shall beget all the love
I have for you and more.
Call this a near perfect soliloquy
Because in its attempt to dance
My soul beckons to a lifetime with you
Like flames would a moth
And my hands tremble in excitement
You’re my beginning and my end.
I can’t get my mind off you
My lips overflow with the syllables in your name
That there’s no space for the things I’ve been dying to say
But maybe when I do call your name
In it, you may hear the stories
I’ve built in my heart.
– Smyekh David-West.

March Madness


This is march madness
This is from the depths of my heart
Eruptions from the emotions
That make rounds around my heart
When the sun goes to sleep
Because your beauty is as magnificent as the moon
The reason the stars come out in worship.
This is march madness
This is from the unrest in my soul
The life of an incomplete essence
Because I need the love hidden in your core
With the vigor a sinner in repentance prays
And I wonder daily if your touch
Feels like the inside of a rose.
This is march madness
This is from my earliest thoughts
Because there hasn’t been anyone more beautiful
Brown like earth
You’re like the blessings mother nature boasts
Thus, in my mind you’re a cornerstone
And in my heart you’ve forged a throne.
This is march madness
This is the definition of periphrastic,
The gift and curse of dire uncertainty
Like sun showers in Antarctica
When the sun finally kisses the moon during an eclipse
This is early mornings in march
And the madness that has engulfed my soul.
– Smyekh David-West.