This is


In you I’ve found perfection,
And I’m motionless
From how true you are.
This is a testament from
the tears that well up in my eyes
For my emotions fetch them in abundance.
These are tears of joy
For they do not fall but create a mirage
In which I see you clearly.
You’ve forged a throne in my essence
And my heartbeats are one
With the syllables in your name.
Therefore, every pronunciation of your name
Is a proclamation of the passion
With which my heart beats.
This is a testament of
how much I want to love you
Because you hold purse strings of my mind, body & soul.
In you I’ve found a paragon
And my soul dances daily
With a gaiety the waves in the ocean play.
This is the fruition of a foreseeable eternity,
And lifetimes of laughter and joy,
Because life now clicks seamlessly.
– Smyekh David-West.

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