Forgone Conclusions


Forgone conclusions,
Much like feeble heartbeats
Light kisses and tender touches
Partial glimpses of naked bodies
The unpredictability in heartfelt nuances.
Forgone conclusions,
Much like unfinished poetry
A glimmer of undying love
Orgasms that never climax
The skepticism in being rendered speechless.
Forgone conclusions,
Much like unwiped tears
A broken heart begging to be fixed
Lifetimes of never finding love
A kinship of precarious enigma.
Forgone conclusions,
Much like screams from a cracked voice
Like true love unreciprocated
The torment that resonates from broken heart strings
A misgiving of the flesh.
– Smyekh David-West.



Sometimes I stop myself from punctuating your name with endearments
Because love is sometimes a game of hide and seek
But I catch myself whispering your name to myself as I lay in wait.
Sometimes I feel your body next to mine when I sleep
But I realize it’s a only a figment of my imagination
So much so, I have no dreams of you for I feel reality is much better than fantasy.
Sometimes I see your eyes in my handwriting
And I’m steady smiling back at scribbles on paper
But maybe it’s because I continually unconsciously write your name.
Sometimes your voice walks the hallways connecting my ears
And naturally I’m only in tune to the melodies in your enunciation
Thus, my heart dances subtly when you speak.
– Smyekh David-West.

Virtually Virtuous


 This is for the girls,
That haven’t felt the butterflies that come with a first kiss
Because you’re waiting for the right one,
Be patient, your path to womanhood is certain
I pray one day you’ll meet a boy that’s worth your tears.
This is for the boys
With flawed definitions of beauty.
Because the physical is only a compliment to the mind
Her soul should be your everything
You’re a diamond and she’s the sparkle you’re nothing without.
This is for the women
With monophonic heart rates
Because the thought of love isn’t as glorious as in your youth
Most men are lessons that must be learnt
Love yourself and watch the world follow suit.
This is for the men
That are oblivious of a woman’s worth
Because you’re incessantly nursing your ego,
Your true ego lives in her smile
For a King’s kingdom is indeed his Queen. 
– Smyekh David-West.



Lets talk about things we can’t have
Like your laughter on a platter of happiness
The way your skin feels when the moon awakens
The gyrations from my heart because I’m in love with you.

Let’s talk about things we can’t have
Like the poems I’ve written that you might never see
The calm that comes from the sound of your voice
The miracle that would be our union.

Let’s talk about things we can’t have
The evanescence that comes from tasting your insides
Moments our eyes would espouse from lust
The fortuity of immortal pleasure.

Let’s talk about things we can’t have
The courage to woo you appropriately
Qualms begotten from where you stand
And the probability that I might never have you.

– Smyekh David-West.

Because You Left Yesterday


Thick thighs and curves
That cause gods to bow in worship
My love for you is in your perceived flaws
And I say that with the proudest
Realms of my humble soul.
High cheekbones and beautiful smiles
I have dreams of how your skin glows at night time
So much so, I die to see your face daily
And I say that with the most vivid
Recollections of my imagination.
Tswana tongues and subtle clicks
It’s the fervor with which your lips dance to your voice,
Magnificently twisting my percipience like newly plaited Bantu knots
And I say that with the most dulcet
Skips of my beating heart.
Nostalgia and partial glimpses of heaven
Because after you left yesterday
I couldn’t stop thinking about you
And I just want to say
I can’t wait to kiss you.
– Smyekh David-West.


Pressed from fine coffee beans
You impel the promise of a new day
Hence, you swivel around my conscience
Like you would my teaspoon
Plucked from the illustrious cocoa tree
And fermented into a dark chocolate mien,
The clusters of your melanin seeds
Activate my taste buds beyond measure
You’re the reason rainbows curve
As if to bow in worship, and in your shade is my sanctuary
For the way my pupils dilate in your presence
Is a personification of my spirit’s dance.
“The blacker the berry the sweeter the juice”
You’re a figure of speech;
A precise rendition of a synecdoche
Alluding to beauty in all it’s life forms
You’re exotic like African cherry,
An infusion of potent aphrodisiacs
Sweet as freshly tapped palm wine
You inebriate my existence
I know the world constantly tears you down
But as most things
It’s because it can’t comprehend your majestic complexity
But more than nature, you’re God’s gift to mankind.
– Smyekh David-West.



My Queen, be unapologetic
Wear your body like the crown it is
For in your features 
Are the mettle crowns are made from
So let your ebony glisten.
Grow your hair wild without purpose
Like the roots in mango trees
Thus, be carefree like the ocean
And know that Queen’s are always envied
So let society play their part in your kingdom
Because in me you’ll always have a King
That’ll worship you into eternity.
– Smyekh David-West.



The beatitudes of your beauty
Are a contradiction to existence
Because even mother nature is found wanting.
It’s in the way your mind works,
Because it has the ability to move mountains
And conquer generations.
It’s in the way your eyes talk,
It’s like an offhand quotation of bible verses
The mystery hidden beneath palm lines.
It’s in the way your lips move
Much like, the diurnal paintings the setting sun
Leaves in the sky as gifts for the moon.
It’s in the way my soul worships you
An unspoken silence of resonant confessions of love,
With the efficacy of fortuitous prayer.
It’s in your mere existence,
Stories that are the makings of a fairy tale
Because you bless me daily.
– Smyekh David-West.