You are


Engulf me with your definition of love
For mine is riddled with flaws
Because my heart has never in it’s lifetime beat so vigorously
You’re a fresh season.
I’m often at a loss for words
So forgive my reticence in your presence,
Because my soul and heart are deep in conversation about you
You’re a blooming flower.
My pupils dilate to the existence of your beauty
And it’s color is synonymous to your skin
Because love is sometimes blind for the right reasons,
You’re a perfect shade of earth.
Your enunciation has a resounding effect in my essence
It’s either in your intonation or the voice in your laughter, or
Because I have an eternal infatuation with your mind
You’re a metaphor that is my sanity.
There’s a number of ways I wish to love you
And in any which way, I end up worshiping you
Because my definition of love demands all of me
You’re a confession of love.
– Smyekh David-West.

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