There’s nothing greater than your scent
You’re equal to gods; a goddess
The addition of your breasts and buttocks
Is a complex problem with an easy solution
Words of a poet studying Math,
Forgive the errors.

I’m devoted to the division of your legs,
And the touch from your lips
Causes my heart rate to multiply,
Something squared of the beats of yours and mine,
I didn’t pay attention on the topic of love,
Forgive the inconsistencies.

There’s an infinite amount of want,
Lined in the formula of the texture of your skin
It’s difficult to remember
But I plan to recite it into nothingness
Until my essence is nothing but full of you
Forgive my hiccups if any.

But let there be no subtractions my love
Let us dwell with each other in closed brackets
And may our children be indices to our solutions.
But I pray you turn over and see the other page
Where I’m still lost in calculation,
For in our love there shall be no errors
And nothing to forgive.

– Smyekh David-West.


Brooklyn Vibes

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Let me kiss your Brooklyn
I want to taste your cadence
With sultry innocence
Your Burnt broke down Projects
Furthermore, may I French
Your peerless accentuation?
As I whisper in my native pidgin tongue
Into your smoky hill top high rise buildings

-Smyekh David-West.

Opening Doors


I hoped this would be a short poem
So the opening in my poem’s door
Would only be ajar

I keep shutting these revolving doors
But they shoot open
Shut, revolve, and open.

We are just a forgone conclusion
A door a day
Leads to my darkest secrets

Open your doors
That I might shut mine
And unscrew its hinges

I swear only you knows
The trail in my nerve endings
And my libido is built of your reflection

Them, They, She and Her
Were doors I opened to meet you
Let’s rendezvous at your doorstep

On this line; I close my poem’s door
Shut forever
It only opens when you knock

– Smyekh David-West.



You move mountains in the valleys of my spinal cord
And my whole being is in discord.
Your eyelashes are like leaves 
Of wild thorn berries
I watch them waver whilst you slumber
The browns of your eyes brandish
A burning desire
And there’s a spill of unfathomable want on my heart’s floor
Your voice speaks of a thousand temptations
It echoes through the windows of my rib cage and finds solace in
My hearts corridor; it beats your voice 
Your body is an alluring saturation of pleasure 
It tickles my fingertips
And my nerves dance in reputable ado

-Smyekh David-West.



I want to die in your arms
Crushed by your pounding heart
I want to breathe through
Your dimpled smile
Resuscitate me before I die
For in your bosom
Is where I shall be born again.

Smear your lips on and around
Where you stole my heart
Let me hear the beats through
Your blossoming affection
Resuscitate me before I die
Let your benign kisses
Beat life into my soul’s dying heart.

Let’s rendezvous at night time
I want to sail the skies with a star
Take me to where the sun sleeps
That I might see your beauty in clarion,
Magnified and in all its glory
Bless the underside of my eyelids
I want to see visions of you when they shut.

I want to call you darling
So I can whisper in secret places
About the time I was in the presence
Of a god moulded by folklore
I want tornadoes to dance to my ballads
And as the clouds rumble with wonder
May my stories be summoned in the heavens.

Forgive me for the praise
For my knees buckle underneath me
And my hands are in upward limbo
Forgive me for the worship
For my heart has taken
The shape of your curves
And pounds to the sound of your voice.

– Smyekh David-West.