Empty Echoes


I said so many words to you
Till all we could do
Was sit in silence
Because my heart became empty

I wrote you poetry twice daily
In the morning with the rising sun
And at night with my prayers
But my writings fade like senile desires

I gave you love
Whole and without debris
But because I’m a man
I’m made to suffer the sins that come with valor

Naysayers oft sway your intuition
With apt pessimism
And question my vehemence
Yet in your eyes I saw my children

I planted laughter in your smiles
With the consistency of a mother’s love
HopingĀ happiness would harvest,
But seasons not soil dictates propagation

I lived through your existence
And in your essence I found solace
So much so, the love in me has gone astray
For my heartbeats are nothing but empty echoes.

– Smyekh David-West.