Blurred Lines


Forgive my taste buds
But this is the genuine
Flavor of lust

This is I want to
Take care of your body
In ways we’ve never imagined

For my passion is such,
That it’s enough to last
Two lifetimes

This and more
For you’re the birthplace
Of all my fantasies

It’s in the subtle way
Your voice
Enchants my soul

And the ways your body
Draws me near, causing
My heartbeat to faint periodically

This is the cuts in my tongue
For the pronunciation of your beauty
Brings me to stutter

So much so I wait;
That maybe when I taste you
You might heal the contusions in my dreams

For in them you’re ever present,
Thus my lines are blurred in reality
Lines, I yearn to read between

This is a languid combination
Of words that try
To explain my worship

For in my heart you’re a goddess
And it’s your existence that
Brings my soul to it’s knees

And this prurience I feel
Is the ash from the fire
Which you continually burn

Thus let me bring a passion
To the tremble in your voice
That’s as significant as a war cry

By way of scattered kisses
That are seasoned to grow
Without rain

That if only today
I might do the things
I’ve promised your body in prayer.

– Smyekh David-West.


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