I arrived simple and unexpecting
Apparently I wasn’t dressed appropriately
Said the look in his eyes
Because he thinks I beg for approval

I am born a woman
I am like the earth beneath your feet
Nature; and you might not understand
Because I’m fascinating.

My thick thighs that stem
From my round buttocks
My bosom in which
You find comfort.

But please try to define me
Put me in a box,
Confine me to the four walls that are a home
And expect me to feed your ego’s daily.

For from my body
Kings have conquered, and
Queens have united nations
Because inside me is all life.

For what is rain
Without good soil?
And what was Adam
Without Eve?

This is not a poem
Directed to the small of minds
So shortsighted I’m only seen
As a vessel.

No, not today,
Today I’m your mother and sister,
Your first love
And the little girl with the brown in your eyes.

Today men will love me
For the right reasons
And worship my power
That is womanhood.

– Smyekh David-West.


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