Africa is in Her


Africa is in her
It’s in the subtle way
She unconsciously expresses
Her thoughts with her hands

It’s in the rhythm
That migrates across her hips
When she walks
Much like a rendition of poetry in motion

It’s in her raw and unadulterated accent
Like wild honey
It begs an addiction
That enchants my soul

It’s in her robust physique,
So much so, you would think she stole
The curves in the map of Africa
Hence the irregularity in it’s edges

It’s in her brown eyes
And a smile that says
Everything is right with the world
Because she’s beautiful

It’s in her skin tone
An infusion of gold and bronze
And how it runs through my irises
Like the juice from bitten pineapples

It’s in her elegance
For I’m continually falling in love
With everything she embodies
Because Africa is in her.

– Smyekh David-West.


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