Warm Embrace


Bring me pieces of what
Are your broken heart
And watch me fall in love
With every piece
For definitions are often revised,
I’ll redefine your definition of love

I see the hurt you hide
Abaft your beautiful smile;
For smiles with a certain gaiety
Spring from a heart that knows misery
I know because I do the same,
My smiles are the ashes of charred love

So pour yourself into me
That I might be the vial
In which you lose yourself
For my heart is built with
The foundations of understanding
And in my soul is a warm embrace.

– Smyekh David-West.




I arrived simple and unexpecting
Apparently I wasn’t dressed appropriately
Said the look in his eyes
Because he thinks I beg for approval

I am born a woman
I am like the earth beneath your feet
Nature; and you might not understand
Because I’m fascinating.

My thick thighs that stem
From my round buttocks
My bosom in which
You find comfort.

But please try to define me
Put me in a box,
Confine me to the four walls that are a home
And expect me to feed your ego’s daily.

For from my body
Kings have conquered, and
Queens have united nations
Because inside me is all life.

For what is rain
Without good soil?
And what was Adam
Without Eve?

This is not a poem
Directed to the small of minds
So shortsighted I’m only seen
As a vessel.

No, not today,
Today I’m your mother and sister,
Your first love
And the little girl with the brown in your eyes.

Today men will love me
For the right reasons
And worship my power
That is womanhood.

– Smyekh David-West.

Africa is in Her


Africa is in her
It’s in the subtle way
She unconsciously expresses
Her thoughts with her hands

It’s in the rhythm
That migrates across her hips
When she walks
Much like a rendition of poetry in motion

It’s in her raw and unadulterated accent
Like wild honey
It begs an addiction
That enchants my soul

It’s in her robust physique,
So much so, you would think she stole
The curves in the map of Africa
Hence the irregularity in it’s edges

It’s in her brown eyes
And a smile that says
Everything is right with the world
Because she’s beautiful

It’s in her skin tone
An infusion of gold and bronze
And how it runs through my irises
Like the juice from bitten pineapples

It’s in her elegance
For I’m continually falling in love
With everything she embodies
Because Africa is in her.

– Smyekh David-West.



Sometimes I pray
You don’t meet anyone new
Because I’m in love with you

These are simple writings
That echo from the
inconsistencies in my heartbeat

A jealous heart is sometimes
Riddled with lust
But I lust for your love

For the thought of you
Makes me often halt in wonder
And my admiration for you is twofold

Hence I need you
More than a baby, it’s first cries
For what is life without you?

– Smyekh David-West.

Empty Echoes


I said so many words to you
Till all we could do
Was sit in silence
Because my heart became empty

I wrote you poetry twice daily
In the morning with the rising sun
And at night with my prayers
But my writings fade like senile desires

I gave you love
Whole and without debris
But because I’m a man
I’m made to suffer the sins that come with valor

Naysayers oft sway your intuition
With apt pessimism
And question my vehemence
Yet in your eyes I saw my children

I planted laughter in your smiles
With the consistency of a mother’s love
Hoping happiness would harvest,
But seasons not soil dictates propagation

I lived through your existence
And in your essence I found solace
So much so, the love in me has gone astray
For my heartbeats are nothing but empty echoes.

– Smyekh David-West.



I look into your eyes
And peer into your soul
Looking for arbitrary confirmation,
Much like the way mouths speak
Words without thinking
I search for ways to
Love you without an inkling.

Love without hope or faith
One that exposes all my insecurities
And brings me to my knees
Because I’m built a man
But I want to love you
as would a woman
With the most intimate of emotions.

For you’re a plethora
Of my best dreams
A manifestation of everything
That is right with the world,
Hence, if I should die
By an addiction
It should be the look in your eyes.

– Smyekh David-West.



I live to see you naked,
I’m in love with
The careless charisma
With which your body
Whispers my name
And draws me closer.

I live to see you naked,
I enjoy the moments
That stem from
Unspoken sensual tension
And the different positions
That eventually ensue.

I live to see you naked,
Your curves consistently ignite
A certain curiosity in my libido
And like a mischievous child
My hands always wander
Into uncharted territory.

I live to see you naked,
For you’re undoubtedly a queen
Thus, my body was built your throne
A face to sit, lips that caress
And a tongue that is
In tune with your body language.

I live to see you naked,
So please allow your fountain flow
That I might meet you between
With the aggression of waterfalls,
To quench your thirst and mine
And show gratitude to you and yours.

– Smyekh David-West.

Are You Not?


Are you not the moon?
Are you not a reflection of the shine from the stars?
Are you not the lullabies a mother sings to her child?
Are you not the esoteric display of love in family-made monikers?
Are you not unadulterated laughter erupting from child’s play?

Are you not the whispers of the wind?
Are you not the flutter in a butterflies wings?
Are you not the pride in a peacocks feathers?
Are you not the calm of a sleeping ocean?
Are you not the magnificent alignment of the planets?

Are you not the sparkle of jewels in a crown?
Are you not the author of kings & queens?
Are you not a metaphor?
Are you not a sunset stained sky?
Are you not Enough?

– Smyekh David-West.