Morning Walks


Morning walks that are good for the soul,
Syllables lost in transmission
Because the birds blissfully
Singing atop my shoulder
Carry it to the morning breeze
And in it’s wooing whispers
You can hear my most beautiful of thoughts
Luminous and unhindered as the gleaming skyline

Morning walks that do good to my soul
And the beauty that is an ensuing sunrise
Foretelling stories of the gifts of a new day
Like the dreams and fantasies provoked by poetry
For our existence usually speaks for us
And our words are only confirmation
Of the beauty in our soul
So I speak into existence….

Of morning walks that warm my soul
For you are in the rustle of
The awakening leaves
A presence that holds onto my fingers
Even though you’re lost in my thoughts
And I’m long-lost in the thought of you
You’re as the rising sun
And I; the clouds that follow in awe.

– Smyekh David-West.


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