My love for you is as sure
as the sun will set.
It watches over your shut eye
as the moon does the earth
And rises with your awakening
as the sun will rise.
My love for you is the angel
God sends as a guardian
For in its unrefined form
It lives to take care of you
With the undying valor of a warrior
And the innocence of a newborn’s first cries.
My love for you is long lasting,
It travels the ends of eternity
So much so, it was born
Before I knew you
For it nourished me with my mother’s love
Hence the potency it consistently harvests.
My love for you is like a two part poem
Mostly because I can never
Find the most complete words
Or combinations of words
That do justice to your existence
Thus my writings are twofold daily.
My love for you is as
The blood that flows through my veins
Thick and full of boundless possibilities
For you’re my beginning and end
Because I’m constantly searching
For more ways to love you without end.
– Smyekh David-West.

Talking Voice


The voice in your voice
Moves me
To speak in tongues
When I hear your poems.
And I’m often torn
Between the lines within,
Begging for ample opportunity
To prove my worth.
For worthiness is something
I’m innocent of
As I’m never worthy
Of your innocence.
You’re like fresh rain,
And as nature perishes without it’s touch
I need all of you
In generous proportions.
For I stammer sometimes
Because your words conquer mine
And my heart surrenders
To the allure with which you speak.
– Smyekh David-West.

Subtle Clicks


Sounds that originate
From the clicks of your tongue
And the effortless
Charisma with which it graces
My eardrums
Beating at it with affection.
I feel the vibrations
Through my being
So much so, I hear
The subtle clicks
In the voices of my children
As they play in our back garden.
I heard about you
In the songs from the South
The upbeat rhythms
That accompany drums,
You resemble the effortless sway
Of a cultivated drummer’s hands.
Thus, you make me
Sway from side to side
As if to break into dance,
This is a confession
For my words spill over uncontrollably
In constant fascination.
– Smyekh David-West.

Songs About You


I write songs about you
Because I hear your voice
In the melodies.
The infatuation is mostly
About how your name
Nestles in the chorus.
And it’s repetition
Reminds me of the first time
I sung at church
Before my voice broke.
These days it’s raspy,
For the coarseness is dedicated
To the contours in your body
Because I’m continually taken aback.
Most times I sing about you
With my eyes closed
To capture the passion in your beauty
And during my breathing intervals
I envision the dimples that ushers your smile
For it’s the spark that ignites
The flames that engulf my spirit.
My soul dances to the songs
Of the woman you embody
Courtesy of the instruments
That back up my vocals.
And in their different accents
They tell eloquent stories
About how I can’t get enough of you.
– Smyekh David-West.

Tears That Didn’t Cry


I cried yesterday
From the bottom of my heavy heart
And I heard the echoes
In the hollow of my belly.
I cried because life
Isn’t as I pictured it
The way it loves you one day
And breaks you the next.
But I swallowed my cries
And my tears held on to my eyelashes
To keep from falling
For my faith abandons ship.
I wrote this poem as a last resort
That maybe my deaf soul
Could hear the words my mouth can’t speak
In fear lamentations may escape.
But I’m loved by many
And I’ve brought joy to people aplenty,
These are things I tell myself
In an attempt to console.
My eyelids shut
But my usually deep thoughts are shallow
More like receding waves
Running back to sea.
I’m empty but still bustling with life
An irony that makes me laugh,
That although my steps lumber
My feet dance with fervor.
This is the letter I wrote life
From the confines of my unwashed cries
Begging her to love me more consistently
For my tears don’t cry.
– Smyekh David-West.




The perfection in bent knees
That provoke backs to arch
Makes my insides explode with lust.
But it’s the exposure of said curves
That resemble the outline of mountains
Amid the paintings of the setting sun,
That ignites the fire within.
The genesis and revelation of
Areas saturated with flesh
Makes me beg for mercy
Because something in my soul
Causes my hands to wander,
So much so the creases
In my palm lines are filled with your skin.
I feel with my eyes
And see with my finger tips
The trails in your back
To the path between your breasts
Down to your belly button and beyond
Because that’s where my kisses
Become more tender.
I hear the whispers
My lips murmur on the inside
Of your thighs,
Because the trembling that’s initiated
Gossips about the wetness in your insides
Thus it resembles the calm that comes
From the roar of waterfalls.
You feel like my first taste of palm wine
For I taste your soul
At the apex of my phallus
Because the love I devote
Roams the depths of your core,
And it’s the source of your majestic expressions
The reason for my inebriated disposition.
– Smyekh David-West.

Break Fast


Good morning
Breakfast kisses in bed
Lips that taste like
Freshly squeezed orange juice.
There’s something about
Unmade beds in the morning
And naked bodies waking up next to each other
Like married slices of buttered toast.
The unspoken passion in the air
Because there’s an understanding
From the way I tear down unmentionables
Like one would pluck at grapes.
Short gasps and strewn grasps that accompany sunrise
Because the love we make
Anchors fervor in ways unimaginable
Like the scalding heat from tea cups
Good morning
You awaken the lust in my loins
And, although the first serving was bellyful
I want more of you.
– Smyekh David-West.



In your eyes I see the motherland
Your nose is placed like the flowers
I picked as a youth,
I’m still lost in your eyes
And your smile possesses a childish charisma.
I’m trying to fall in love with your mind
Because more times than most
Books with beautiful covers are
Often deceiving
And your collected demeanor helps not.
Nonetheless, your skin
Is the right mix of water colour,
It’s transparency resembles
The reflections of the sun on polished ivory
And your furnishings are God’s gift to man.
The fusion of your cheeksbones and laughter
Is somewhat electrifying
Thus, my heart dances in subtle bounces
To the melodies you radiate
And your aura resuscitates benevolence in my quintessence.
– Smyekh David-West.