Virtually Virtuous


 This is for the girls,
That haven’t felt the butterflies that come with a first kiss
Because you’re waiting for the right one,
Be patient, your path to womanhood is certain
I pray one day you’ll meet a boy that’s worth your tears.
This is for the boys
With flawed definitions of beauty.
Because the physical is only a compliment to the mind
Her soul should be your everything
You’re a diamond and she’s the sparkle you’re nothing without.
This is for the women
With monophonic heart rates
Because the thought of love isn’t as glorious as in your youth
Most men are lessons that must be learnt
Love yourself and watch the world follow suit.
This is for the men
That are oblivious of a woman’s worth
Because you’re incessantly nursing your ego,
Your true ego lives in her smile
For a King’s kingdom is indeed his Queen. 
– Smyekh David-West.

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