Pressed from fine coffee beans
You impel the promise of a new day
Hence, you swivel around my conscience
Like you would my teaspoon
Plucked from the illustrious cocoa tree
And fermented into a dark chocolate mien,
The clusters of your melanin seeds
Activate my taste buds beyond measure
You’re the reason rainbows curve
As if to bow in worship, and in your shade is my sanctuary
For the way my pupils dilate in your presence
Is a personification of my spirit’s dance.
“The blacker the berry the sweeter the juice”
You’re a figure of speech;
A precise rendition of a synecdoche
Alluding to beauty in all it’s life forms
You’re exotic like African cherry,
An infusion of potent aphrodisiacs
Sweet as freshly tapped palm wine
You inebriate my existence
I know the world constantly tears you down
But as most things
It’s because it can’t comprehend your majestic complexity
But more than nature, you’re God’s gift to mankind.
– Smyekh David-West.

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