Butterfly Season


Your body reminds me of butterflies in winter
And my face is wet from the drizzles that
Emanate from your wings,
Courtesy of the kisses scattered in your inner thighs
In your soft moans are pleads for more
And I’m slowly crushed by your insides.
Nonetheless, your body is like pages of a book,
And every turn draws me closer
So much so, my libido corals to sing
Songs of worship
Because your curves are
Like the indentation in hymn books.
This is a testament of lust
In it’s purest form
Unadulterated from the tension
That is our scattered heartbeats.
Thus, I’m blessed to swim
In the deepest parts of your churning sea
And the sweat from our bodies
Makes for a perfect mirage.
– Smyekh David-West.

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