A Heart’s Tale


I can’t keep my hands off you
I’ve lost my eyes to the sight of you
My mind, it doesn’t work the same
In my thoughts and dreams you’re a protagonist
So much so, my soul dances
To the melody of your existence.
Hence I toast to life
With two cups that are my
Left and right arteries
That the unison of their beats
Shall beget all the love
I have for you and more.
Call this a near perfect soliloquy
Because in its attempt to dance
My soul beckons to a lifetime with you
Like flames would a moth
And my hands tremble in excitement
You’re my beginning and my end.
I can’t get my mind off you
My lips overflow with the syllables in your name
That there’s no space for the things I’ve been dying to say
But maybe when I do call your name
In it, you may hear the stories
I’ve built in my heart.
– Smyekh David-West.

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