I never wrote you poetry
Because with you
I lived in a thousands poems, and
I pray you remember the words I couldn’t write.

On rainy days
I taste your tears
And the pain I put you through
Sticks to my taste buds

This is I’m penitent
For I stopped believing in our love
This is gracias
For the chances; because you believed.

I like to believe you never left
Because your kisses are hard to find
And your touch is always missing
Thus, I like to believe we never met.

I still remember you in our songs
And I listen to them sometimes
But it sends shivers through my core
And brings my soul to tears

You’d think my devotion
Would grow weary with age, but
My love for you has a lasting presence
Because your existence is worthy of love

I wish you could feel my love
And know that its in fine feather
But there’s a certain eclipse
Knowing you’re lost to the world.

– Smyekh David-West.


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