I Am


I am the product of an independent black woman,
The byproduct of her separation from my father,
I am not defined by your racial slurs
Or your languid attempt at prejudice.

I am African, and a prince by birthright
My melanin hails from Southern Nigeria
Where soil meets ocean
Thus, I am composed of it’s natural resources.

I am my mother’s love
And my father’s mistakes,
I am the never faltering intuition of a woman,
Meshed with the vigor of a man in regret.

I am laughter and joy
I will father children and serve my woman,
I am a second chance at life,
The alteration of elapsed omission.

My accent is notorious for pronouncing every letter in words,
Because I’m the beginning of a revolution
The overture to the end of systematic oppression,
I am the future of my people.

– Smyekh David-West.


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