The sun dances in your hair and falls on your body
And I’m cold on this warm summer’s eve.

The hue in the skies have your eyes in them
And the rainbow from yesterday’s rain fades like the end of your smiles.

Your love is my window to the world
And you bless my conscience continually.

You’re like the calm of the sea
And you keep my heart afloat.

So much so I make mental notes
Of your beauty in my imaginations.

But you’re real like the feels of the inside of a rose
And the breeze trapped in a feather from a bird’s wing.

You’re heaven
And the maker of my love.

– Smyekh David-West.




I loved you from day one
I fought myself from falling
And I lost easily.

I’m prone to finding you
For you’re a crevasse in my heart
A fixture of immaculate proportions

And as time has amassed
You’ve grown on me
Your roots etch deep into my soul

In your bosom is my peace
And in your palm lines
I foresee my future.

Beloved, you water my eyes
For the thought of something so beautiful
Moves my spirit to cry.

– Smyekh David-West.



You will find love in an empty hallway
In the eyes of a stranger
You will get lost in her smile
And say to yourself that she’s beautiful
Everything will pause when she speaks
And you’ll stare at her like she’s heaven
In the pieces of her laughter you’ll find your dreams
And you’ll talk to God about her every night
In her you’ll find the makings of love at first sight
But you’ll question your sanity
And how feeble your heart is
To the subject of love.

– Smyekh David-West.

I Am


I am the product of an independent black woman,
The byproduct of her separation from my father,
I am not defined by your racial slurs
Or your languid attempt at prejudice.

I am African, and a prince by birthright
My melanin hails from Southern Nigeria
Where soil meets ocean
Thus, I am composed of it’s natural resources.

I am my mother’s love
And my father’s mistakes,
I am the never faltering intuition of a woman,
Meshed with the vigor of a man in regret.

I am laughter and joy
I will father children and serve my woman,
I am a second chance at life,
The alteration of elapsed omission.

My accent is notorious for pronouncing every letter in words,
Because I’m the beginning of a revolution
The overture to the end of systematic oppression,
I am the future of my people.

– Smyekh David-West.