Girls, A story of ‘them’ & ‘they’


I would notice them
From time to time
But they would manifest overtly
The day my sister was born
February ’94, I was turning 3.

They would resurface again,
This time my heart would beat unusually,
But it happened with certain ones,
That’s when I met Jealousy
She was my first kiss, I must have been 7.

My teenage years went by quick,
And all of it was dedicated to them,
That’s when I met seduction and sex;
the power of penetration and it’s consequences,
She was carrying my baby, I was just 19.

These days I like to call ‘them’ Women
I carry them and kiss their foreheads
I peruse through them like books
And I still haven’t met
The one they call love, I am 24.

– Smyekh David-West.