Brown Skin


Brown skin, this is an ode to you
You’re like raw patois
Sweet as fresh sugar cane
The hinges on my unhinged pidgin
Skin like the gold mines in South Africa
And your beauty is as
distinct as the click in the Xhosa tongue

Brown skin this is an ode to you
I call you beautiful in my language
And I speak two, English by day
Kalabari, when you bare all at night
Your body like mud,
moulds around my playful feet
And You excite my childish heart.

Brown skin this is an ode to you
Your hair is like the Zambesi
I love how it’s waves empty onto your shoulders
And the currents that run through my body
Are duly tapped from your eccentricity
Eyes like the diamond mines in Liberia
Cut and rounded to perfection.

Brown skin this is an ode to you
You remind me of being born
The innocence that rang from my first cries
On King Perekule street
Coincidentally you’re a queen
Brown and fine like Nefertiti
With all the wealth stowed away in those cheekbones

Brown skin this is an ode to you
When I hold you
I have the world in my arms
And the melanin in you
Is the architect of my fantasies
Wild as the jungles in the Safari
Dense as the rain forest of Madagascar
Brown skin this is an ode to you.

– Smyekh David-West.