Young man

I’m a man, so I cheat.
I have no control
Because I was made this way
But I will blame it all
On Eve.

I besiege obeisance from the universe
But I have a certain weakness for fruits
Maybe it’s the way they taste
Or that in every season
My taste buds beg a fresh start.

So I pick and choose
I use and misuse
I wound and bruise
Souls and hearts at a time
But I’m unreliably liable.

So was I born to martyrize
The insides from whence I came
Just because the ego humanity gives me
Is thick with fur
And needs to be stroked neat?

I’m a man
So I have reasons and excuses
But nuts and bolts will tell that
I’m just a wanderer that thinks
Every destination is home.

– Smyekh David-West.


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