Let’s elope
To the north,
In a city,
Where farms are the land,
And our names echo in barns.

In a city,
Where the nights,
Are graced by our dance,
And the music,
Is only but the beat in our hearts.

In a place,
Where I’m lost,
In your eyes,
And I wander,
The depths of your core.

Let’s elope,
To higher ground,
In the mountains,
That I might show you,
The higher realms of love.

Or to a valley,
Where I can befriend,
The rustle of leaves,
For they hold the melodies,
To your songs I sing.

In a place,
Where the sun and moon,
And the only light,
Is from fire flies.

Let’s elope,
In an envelope.
And travel the world,
In the postman’s bag,
Let’s elope.

– Smyekh David-West.


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