New poem

I wrote this one for a flower,
When Aquarians flooded the earth,
Something about angels singing a psalm,
Amidst hands placed in palms,
Whilst birds chirped in a barn,
It only took but a minute,
Pleasurable ecstasies quite minute,
Mild but wildly resonant.

Anyway, I wrote I think with a pen and pad,
Ink filled with a sea of mead,
Lustily drenching with L.O.V.E,
I strayed, walked in paths unknown,
My heart led the way,
Entangled in the fray,
I played with words; like and love,
Candidly I was wobbly, perhaps from worry.

I swore I heard a little creature sing,
You know the ones that sing and dance,
She swayed effortlessly, those hips in that thigh,
I kept that memory close and near,
A voluptuous enigma,
Sat writing a poem for a flower,
Snowy soft petals caressing my paws,
The beauty of daisies in spring.

– Smyekh David-West.


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