P.o.w.e.r Trip

power trip

I can’t breathe,
You don’t fathom,
My world crashes,
Without you,
I don’t miss you,
I need you.

The yesteryear’s impend,
Ambiguity follows suit,
The futility in evasiveness,
As it haunts,
With a vengeance.

Stronger than ever,
It’s a gamble,
I dare to speculate,
Yet, you’ve heard it all before,
What’s left to say,
But three simple words,
I love you.

Back and forth to no avail,
Fingers pointed in both directions,
Heated babble, burns us both,
Who’ll be first to succumb,
I take the lead as always,
Letting my emotions get the best of me,
And now I feel like I’ve lost you forever.

All I want is you,
I beg to differ,
I need what we had.

Butterflies on the first day,
As fingers locked into an embrace,
The sparkle in those eyes,
Revelations of the first time,
Magic in which we dwell.

– Smyekh David-West.


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