I tried to reach out,
Arms outstretched in her direction,
A hair follicle just missing my fingertips,
I reached out,
Fingers spread in her direction,
Beckoning to her,
At least to where I thought she would be.

Images of her faded,
As I fell through the skies
Falling with no ground in sight,
It just never materialised
It seemed only thoughts of what was,
Would be my surface to land on.

There’s an insuppressible air bubble lodged in my throat,
A deathly augury,
I’m quite unsure,
Shallow breaths woven into insomnia,
Births a complex hybrid,
My eyes pierce through the vicinity,
Lost in a distant world.

Cemented in trenches of dismay
A part of me wanders off,
Delving into the unknown,
Pitch darkness, the light that leads the way,
Happiness has escaped,
But time shall apprise.

Meanwhile, my heart stumbles upon my lungs,
As it tries to find a pathway to stability,
The picture of what was is scathed,
Arms retract from mid air,
As puffs of anguish emanate.

Turned around and she had vanished,
Lost to the world,
No compass could find her whereabouts,
Just as I reached,
I reach no more,
Whispers and tear drops,
Casket a daunting emptiness that is reality.

-Smyekh David-West.


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