Chills run down my spine,
Ignited by a warm summer breeze,
Aroused by a little damsel,
I caught a glimpse as she fluttered past,
Eyes wandering in her direction,
She flew north,
I followed south.

Words won’t decipher my feelings,
As I trembled with great fervor,
She’s a butterfly,
Beauty and grace enveloped in her wings,
Thrashing the still air with elegance,
From which; poise exfoliated with her fragrance,
It made my senses dance,
Giving off a soft lullaby,
I’m flung into a trance.

Transfixed in bewilderment,
By a painted lady; garnished in pigments of hue,
Like a firefly trapped in a lantern,
She lights up the day at dusk,
As the sun sets,
And there’s a blush of red spread across the sky.

Mi Amore,
This is an amorous piece,
As I try to capture,
Hold her in a jar called my heart.

-Smyekh David-West.


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