You see nobody understood,
She couldn’t even comprehend,
Well, neither could I,
The feelings I felt,
The devil inside me,
A severe case of tragedy,
It left us confused,
Disbelief written on both our faces,
You don’t deserve this,
And after that last hit,
I realize I don’t deserve you.

But now I want you more,
You retaliate with hurtful words,
Intended to cut deep,
You’re hurt, I understand,
But what I feel you don’t understand,
I’m misunderstood.

There’s a story,
Your story to tell,
A tale about me,
About how monstrous I am,
And then you judge me with them,
Oh, what happened to us against the world?
I guess it’s my fault,
I went and turned a good girl bad.

I shed a tear or two,
I’ve lost you,
Retrospect of what once was,
I’ve lost you,
And I’m filled with anger,
The devil within,
A sour taste frolics my mouths width,
I think we’re better apart,
Or maybe I’m just misunderstood.

-Smyekh David-West.


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