I tried to reach out,
Arms outstretched in her direction,
A hair follicle just missing my fingertips,
I reached out,
Fingers spread in her direction,
Beckoning to her,
At least to where I thought she would be.

Images of her faded,
As I fell through the skies
Falling with no ground in sight,
It just never materialised
It seemed only thoughts of what was,
Would be my surface to land on.

There’s an insuppressible air bubble lodged in my throat,
A deathly augury,
I’m quite unsure,
Shallow breaths woven into insomnia,
Births a complex hybrid,
My eyes pierce through the vicinity,
Lost in a distant world.

Cemented in trenches of dismay
A part of me wanders off,
Delving into the unknown,
Pitch darkness, the light that leads the way,
Happiness has escaped,
But time shall apprise.

Meanwhile, my heart stumbles upon my lungs,
As it tries to find a pathway to stability,
The picture of what was is scathed,
Arms retract from mid air,
As puffs of anguish emanate.

Turned around and she had vanished,
Lost to the world,
No compass could find her whereabouts,
Just as I reached,
I reach no more,
Whispers and tear drops,
Casket a daunting emptiness that is reality.

-Smyekh David-West.




Chills run down my spine,
Ignited by a warm summer breeze,
Aroused by a little damsel,
I caught a glimpse as she fluttered past,
Eyes wandering in her direction,
She flew north,
I followed south.

Words won’t decipher my feelings,
As I trembled with great fervor,
She’s a butterfly,
Beauty and grace enveloped in her wings,
Thrashing the still air with elegance,
From which; poise exfoliated with her fragrance,
It made my senses dance,
Giving off a soft lullaby,
I’m flung into a trance.

Transfixed in bewilderment,
By a painted lady; garnished in pigments of hue,
Like a firefly trapped in a lantern,
She lights up the day at dusk,
As the sun sets,
And there’s a blush of red spread across the sky.

Mi Amore,
This is an amorous piece,
As I try to capture,
Hold her in a jar called my heart.

-Smyekh David-West.



You see nobody understood,
She couldn’t even comprehend,
Well, neither could I,
The feelings I felt,
The devil inside me,
A severe case of tragedy,
It left us confused,
Disbelief written on both our faces,
You don’t deserve this,
And after that last hit,
I realize I don’t deserve you.

But now I want you more,
You retaliate with hurtful words,
Intended to cut deep,
You’re hurt, I understand,
But what I feel you don’t understand,
I’m misunderstood.

There’s a story,
Your story to tell,
A tale about me,
About how monstrous I am,
And then you judge me with them,
Oh, what happened to us against the world?
I guess it’s my fault,
I went and turned a good girl bad.

I shed a tear or two,
I’ve lost you,
Retrospect of what once was,
I’ve lost you,
And I’m filled with anger,
The devil within,
A sour taste frolics my mouths width,
I think we’re better apart,
Or maybe I’m just misunderstood.

-Smyekh David-West.

Resting Place


Born in the morn,
Asleep now, we mourn,
Condolences are in order,
Another life is lost today,
Lost into a resting place,
Tears drop with ease,
From distorted faces portraying anguish,
The death of a loved one.

An angel came with a cold kiss in the night,
Now your soul is no more,
But your body remains with us,
Pale with a little smile written across your face,
Still there is a hollowness in your eyes,
As they shut for eternity and more.

Wails come from around you, 
Like a volcanic eruption, there is commotion,
Disbelief; surely you can’t have left so soon,
There are so many things I wish to tell,
But do you hear our cry?
You probably speak a different tone now,
Gone to the constellations,
You shine bright with the stars at night,
Lost souls spread across the horizon,
Let me know you reside with them.

Life dangles from strings of thread,
Yours has fallen into bliss,
Freed you from this great depression,
And now you’re one with your maker,
In a place where pain doesn’t exist,
I know because you told me in your sleep,
The peaceful glance around just before you left.

That’s what you are; tired from the hustle and bustle of life,
But someday we shall meet in the skies above,
Just beyond where astronauts venture,
And since you’ve decided to leave so soon,
Save me a spot close to you.

For in that hour,
We shall speak languages alike,
Cupped in a warm embrace,
For now, watch over us,
Make your presence felt; as our emotions exude discomfort,
Our thoughts remain with you,
Your legacy stays engraved in our hearts.

-Smyekh David-West.