The Voyage Of Life.

Red curtains spread over a pale train track,
We ride on a bicycle built for two,
Into a passage through the day’s eye,
Lily’s float on the waters edge,
As a black swan bade us farewell,
We rode into the night on a canvas of sheer bliss.

I smile gently; an amber of blush glows across my bulging cheeks,
Blue eyes dimmed by the morning’s light sparkled in the distance,
A dazing smile frolics her beautiful face,
Her hair dazzled in dye from the crown of the sun,
My lips had no words for a time.

In the morning, we rode horses alike,
Set sail at dusk in a canoe made from strings of hay,
Our feathery mast led the way,
My heart our compass into oblivion,
As we spake words of a familiar nature.

The gentle waves cease our fingertips from the canoes edge,
But I row in stealthy fashion,
As she sings with a red-eyed vireo on her shoulder,
We float on the apex of the waves,
Sinking into the clouds above us.

– Smyekh David-West.