I reminisce of a time,
When we were one,
And now it feels like centuries ago,
Maybe one too many,
Contusions in my heart,
A time to remember.

Your name fell from my lips,
Into thin air,
But it would evaporate,
Quicker than the oxygen I breathe,
With no one to answer my call,
I feel lost and empty,
I reminisced of a time.

When I was everything,
And you much more,
Feelings I didn’t know to show,
Suppressed by guilt and inhibition,
But intimacy brought some to light,
Like a full moon on a cold winter night,
Heart waves white as snow,
Innocence to an extent.

We had a connection,
One like no other,
Laughter and smiles flutter past,
Merry we were, but for a time,
We lay there deep in thought,
As our hearts beat in accordance,
Mine in yours, and yours in mine,
An evanescence connection,
Oh, I remember.

A part of me you were,
Closer than a heartbeat,
The world would stop for a moment,
As thoughts of you swept through my mind,
I was me in your presence,
You were one like no other.

I reminisce of a time,
The possibility of love,
One angels would rejoice to,
Cupids arrows couldn’t harness,
I reminisce of a time,
Far apart now,
Our connection has gone bland,
Insipid with time,
I remember that time with a smile.

-Smyekh David-West


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