Ink from the pen soaks sheets of paper
Wet like rain from the window sills
Into the darkness, I’ll see you later
Emotions, like tides, are hardly still
One thing I ask, a solitary favor
My will is weak, my heart is ill 
Like printed words, I can’t erase her
Please don’t call again

Arms spread out in guilt-ridden freedom
Love he lacks, with infinite wisdom
Siren’s song for those who listen
Tears down her cheek, see as they glisten 
Their love bespoke, tailored for fixing
In life, in death, war without reason
The ultimate trust has turned into treason
Please don’t call again

Complex words are hard to fathom
Depressed together, parting is gladsome
The house we built; a crumbling mansion
A fool’s paradise for a king’s ransom
Like a lamb to the slaughter, he was led
The gravely thorns adorn his bed
The end is the beginning is the beginning is the end
Until she calls again.

-San Olutayo


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