Nubian Jewel

Words spoken from me to you,
Tears spilled on each others skin,
A place in my heart you have,
For eternity and more,
Sweet soft lips,
A taste to remember,
The savory pleasure I treasure,
Your warm embrace,
An endearing bed of roses,
I’m at peace with thou.

I stare into your eyes,
And see an angel; the beauty within,
You let off a wry smile,
It pierces my soul,
I trample on your simplicity,
Awed by what has befallen me,
Entrapped in a stronghold,
Words won’t elucidate the way I feel.

Changes like the weather,
The seasons we shared together,
Spilled ink on paper,
You’ve stained my heart forever,
My little sunshine, a Nubian jewel,
My heart I give to take,
The echoes blossom in our wake,
You’ll have me forever and more.

-Smyekh David-West


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