So I had a deep conversation,
Swallowed by a high tide,
Even the currents couldn’t handle,
As the waves crashed on the wet sand,
I hear severe melodies in the distance,
More like a call than anything,
Precise and full of message,
Codes to decode.

I stand toes buried in the sand,
My torso soaked to my skin,
As water dripped slowly from my clothes,
And traveled back into the ocean,
It was freezing,
But that awkward melody gave off a certain warmth,
I couldn’t comprehend; but who am I to challenge.

And in this cold night,
Moon in full bloom,
I see, aided by the cosmic rays,
A body move rather slowly and in rhythm with the melody,
The rays and her body formed a magnificent being,
I was taken aback,
This time the tide came in higher and stronger,
And just as a story formed in my head.

I feel current flowing through my veins,
First through my toes and into my body,
Only stopping at my finger tips,
As I examine this development,
I decipher words in the melody,
I don’t understand but it’s enchanting,
So much so, that I sway unconsciously in adoration,
As the waters part graciously.

Thence, a halo appears as bright as the moon,
Beneath it, jet black hair bobbing into coils,
Eyes with which you see the universe,
The rays from the halo form her strata,
She elevates and moves towards me,
Dull hazel eyes with so much life in them,
Her body and the moon share a complexion,
Her hips sways with indescribable rhythm,
We had a deep conversation.

-Smyekh David-West


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