The body vibrates with pain,
My throat is clogged up, 
The only thing that protrudes from it,
Is echoes of anguish,
As tears flood down your face almost without control,
And you get a taste of what you’re feeling,
It’s bittersweet,
Hopelessness clouds your whole being.

Days stretch out forever,
They never want to end,
It’s like slow torture,
Sometimes unbearable,
Tears don’t even possess that soothing effect,
“I just want to die”,
I blurt out,
Admist all the madness going on in my head.

In a twinkle of eternity,
I feel to end it myself,
Rid of this great depression,
And then thoughts of how it used to be flash through my mind,
When we loved like it was never enough,
I guess that’s why it hurts so much,
My veins pulse green,
Anger cooks and wells from within,
Enough to shatter whole civilizations,
Filled with so much hate,
There’s an outburst as I explode,

This time, I’m tearing the world apart,
Atleast the meagre portion of what’s in my reach,
Duelling with angels and demons alike,
As I search for an answer that makes sense,
But there’s nothing,
My soul battered from the fight,
I kneel, head in hands,
And weep like a newly born,
Not caring for an inch of the world.

A searing pain,
Travels my hearts length,
And I know for sure it’s in pieces,
You’ve returned it in a different state,
I gave it whole,
I run my fingers through my chest,
And I place a cold palm on where it used to lie,
There’s a hollowness in the beat,
Recovery seems inevitable,
For a time; I’ll be dead inside.

-Smyekh David-West


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