The Essence


That feeling so unique,
Sucked into nothingness,
Clasped by emotion and heartiness,
Words can’t explain with enough emphasis,
Like sweet vibrations to the cochlea,
The heart trembles,
In-depth with significant musical melodies,
Beating in rhythmic valor.

Hencewith a nuisance in trepidation,
An incomprehensible intimidation,
Vague indications of forlorn,
But in all; multipludes to amass,
The thought of it spurned,
Mildly indignant,
After significant deliberation.

Lost in a savanna of contemplation,
As I ponder yonder,
I’m dealt with wonder,
Insufficient to heal my thought process,
My eye lashes entwine,
Darkness capsizes my pupils with gail-force,
And in that moment,
I envisage your beauty.

Eyes that run to the end of the world,
Lips tender,
Features that construe perfection,
Vivid flashes of dishabille,
A utopic chimera,
On what frequency shall we thread,
Cupids elusory arrows?
You adorn essence.

-Smyekh David-West



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